MediaFirst® is a fully integrated
creative and advertising agency,
aimed at providing each client a
unique creative difference which
sets them apart from the rest.

At MediaFirst®, campaigns are not just designed they are designed with a purpose using in depth research and industry insight to ensure the best suited and most beneficial campaign for each client. With a team of multi talented and multi industry experts, MediaFirst® is equipped to provide clients with a variety of creative, advertising and promotional campaigns in Sinhala, English and Tamil. The Agency has a team of expert audio and video producers, an outdoor and indoor event management crew, and veteran print media specialists who can conceptualize the full range of print from newspaper tabloids, magazines and publications.


MediaFirst® is one of few advertising agencies registered with the Sri Lanka Ministry of Finance as an authorized advertising and media services supplier. In addition, Media first is also the only advertising agency recognized by China’s two states media institution (China Radio International and China Central television) in Sri Lanka at present. The Agency also acts as the local counterpart for the Chinese media agencies and TV channels and film production crews in Sri Lanka for their media production services. MediaFirst® is dedicated and determined to serve each client’s campaign with care, attention, research and out of the box creativity, and takes pride in delivering on time even under pressure, yet never failing to live by the corporate philosophy ‘Create a Difference’ for every client.

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