Sankaja Prasad Dolewaththa, is an inspiring and innovative young journalist who left the media industry to follow his passion in advertising. As a Creative Director of MediaFirst®, Sankaja brings a fresh perspective to all the public campaigns. Having spent much of his life as a journalist and a stage dramatist, he has the ability to visualize campaigns from the ‘man on the street’ point of view. With 10 years of media experience, pioneering and founding several youth magazines and newspapers that won Best Youth newspaper award in Sri Lanka, and with 5 years in advertising Sankaja is a versatile and seasoned creative campaign director. He prides in his vision of being a ‘youth campaign specialist’ and a ‘ masses campaign idealist’. His passion in advertising is in using simple ideas to create life changing campaigns. He is the founder editor of the Mawbima – Young Supplement and former Editor-in-chief of the Sunday Apple. Sankaja has experience working as a creative writer at leading advertising agencies in Sri Lanka. He Holds a Mass Communication Diploma from the University of Jayawardhanapura. When not planning an advertising campaign he is a musician in a band which he enjoys immensely.